Season 13 Preview: South

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by: StugotzS



Owner: BlackPaw lom 3lom 3lom 3
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073041
T-20th Ranked Overall (DaddyLeagues: 95)

TBO TBDOutlook: Tampa Bay, this isn’t your Gruden’s Bucs anymore.  It is more like the days of the dreamsicle orange Jerseys and a lack of talent. We liked Winston coming out of college, but his off the field problems have left big question marks for the Bucs offense. Will Paw turn to Pickspatrick? Side note: they do have good receivers, Evans and Jackson.

Think of the defense as an Uber driver and that driver is Lavonte David. Sitting shotgun is McCoy and in the back, Kwon and rookie Vita Vea. Now how far will that tank of gas take them?

We can all agree the Bucs on paper don’t look good, but under the Helm of Paw they become a very scary team. They have everything he wants in a team, big arm quarterback and speed.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180814103040.jpg
Built like a Tight End, but elite Wide Receiver skills, Evans is always open
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180814103057.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 12th Pick (12th Overall), Joly cow. You want to build a prototypical 3-4 defense, may I present the prototypical Defensive Tackle.

Projection: 1st in NFC South


Owner: IVIonteith
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073921.jpg
T-20th Ranked Overall

NOO NODOutlook: Saints fans take the bags off your heads. There is a lot of young talent on this team and an owner that will make sure Brees takes his NyQuil and is back on the field to be the leader that they will need to compete for that top spot in the South.

On the defense side of the ball, they lost out on Suh, but Cam Jordan is a beast and a true technician of the game. The Saints drafted Marcus Davenport whom they believe will finally give them a much needed pass rusher that will allow their young secondary to make plays.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180814103002.jpg
Lattimore could be the best player in the game by the end of the cycle
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180819003006.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 14th Pick (14th Overall), Small school, big talent. Davenport joins one of the best and youngest D’s in the game

Projection: 2nd in NFC South


Owner: HeathH
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073513.jpg
T-8th Ranked Overall 

ATLO ATLDOutlook: This might be the most talented team in the NFL. They have stars everywhere.  These dirty birds play with precision and class that is unmatched. With the addition of Calvin Ridley, they added that missing link. I think Heath will enjoy the keys to this offense.

Personally I like the defense of Neal, Jones, Trufant, Beasley, and I can keep going. Just give them a ring in my personal record book.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180819002908.jpg
Buckle that chinstrap, Neal is coming and he leaves remnants of wide receivers in his wake.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180819002923.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 26th Pick (26th Overall), Oh, the Falcons needed another weapon? No,no they didn’t, but they have another one

Projection: 3rd in NFC South


Owner: abombish39
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073703
T-1st Ranked Overall

CARO-1 CARD-1Outlook: The window of opportunity has come and gone like Cam’s yogurt commercials. Let’s take a deep dive into their offensive weapons. As far as receivers and tight ends, they have none. Their only weapon on offense is McCaffrey. I know you are yelling, “What about Cam?” He has a cape and is Superman, but think about it. Is he really Superman? There is one saving grace for the offense and that is rookie D.J. Moore. We will have to wait and see. Just maybe I have lost some money betting on these so called contenders.

The front seven of the Panthers defense is regarded as one of the best, lead by their field general Luke Kuechly. If Abombish has any hope of crawling out of the bottom of the NFC south it will be on the back of his defense.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180814103118.jpg
You might as well being wearing roller skates when trying to tackle McCaffrey. He can burn you with speed as well
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180814103137.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 24th Pick (24th Overall), On a team that desperately needed weapons, Moore should become Cam’s #1 target

Projection: 4th in NFC South



Owner: Michael Pluth lom 3
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073559
T-11th Ranked Overall

JAXO JAXDOutlook: Great news all you jags fans! Blake Bortles is your quarterback…he is straight garbage. I know our mothers tell us that if we don’t have anything nice to say then we shouldn’t say anything at all, but come on. Honestly, all of us have seen him play. I will give a compliment to the Jags offense, though. The only one I can think of is a beast of a man like a Mack Truck running down I-75, #27 Leonard Fournette. I feel sorry for the LB’s in the AFC South.

By the grace of the Football Gods they were gifted an unbelievable D and a pair of corners that would scare any Qb that has ever graced the Gridiron. Pluth will do what he does best and make all of the offenses in the AFC South earn every yard and point. Good luck.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180819003039.jpg
Size, speed, agility=Beast
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180819003058
Drafted: 2nd Round, 29th Pick (61st Overall), Another burner from the 2018 draft class, will Chark get enough playing time to develope?

Projection: 1st in AFC South


Owner: Ataric
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808074031.jpg
T-8th Ranked Overall

HOUO HOUDOutlook: The Texans have now surpassed the shadow of America’s team to become the best team in Texas. I absolutely love the Watson-to-Hopkins combo. Ataric will have Watson slinging the pigskin like gun slingers of the past that Texas is know for.

The Texans have a pair of monster bookends with Watt and Clowney and with the addition of Honey Badger, wait he doesn’t like to be called that anymore, Matthieu, this defense is on point. Word on the street is Watt has been spending a lot of time out in his minimalistic log cabin training like Rocky did in Russia. I expect big things from this zero sack machine this year. What a fraud!!!

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180819003137
Potential…Pro Bowler, All-Pro, MVP, Super Bowl Champ? It’s all possible, but still just potential at the moment
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180819003158
Drafted: 4th Round, 3rd Pick (103rd Overall), This fourth round steal could provide some help on the other side of Hopkins

Projection: 2nd in AFC South


Owner: SealIII
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808074057.jpg
T-35th Ranked Overall

TENO TENDOutlook: They moved away from Murray and Mularkey. I guess it’s not good to have an M as the first letter of your last name except for the face of the franchise, the humble Hawaiian Marcus Mariota, I hope he lives up to all the expectations we’ve all had from him coming out of college. Like Vrabel, I think Seals will produce an exotic smash mouth offensive.

The defense, with the addition of the former spectator Malcom Butler and Adoree’ Jackson, it’s like a poor man’s Ramsey and Bouye, but none the less a lot of teams would love to have these corners. Mike Vrabel has told me that he is excited for there 2nd round pick, Line Backer Harold Landry out of the Boston College. He has a good chance of being in the running for Defensive ROY.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180819003222.jpg
Butler may be a little older, but his elite coverage skills make him a hot commodity
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180819003247.jpg
Drafted: 2nd Round, 9th Pick (41st Overall), The Titans have significantly beefed up the defensive side of the ball, and may have found a solid starter in Landry

Projection: 3rd in AFC South


Owner: Austin
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073206.jpg
T-90th Ranked Overall

INDO-1 INDDOutlook: What can I say? Luck is back and with the addition of one of the best young lineman in the game and some veterans. they will try to keep that terrible neck beard upright. Luck will try to reconnect with Hilton after missing a year. Look out for the speed demon of a running back rookie Nyheim Hines. It will be Austin’s new favorite toy.

Colts defense…what a cluster of no talent. Good luck stopping the offenses in the AFC.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180814102623_1.jpg
Coming back from injury, Luck still caries elite talent, but he needs help and the Colts haven’t provided much
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180814102642_1.jpg
Drafted: 4th Round, 4th Pick (104th Overall), Ooooooh. Yes the lineman Indianapolis drafted is really good, but Hines has top end Cornerback speed, in the package of a potential elite Running Back

Projection: 4th in AFC South





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