Season 13 Preview: North

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Owner: Joshua Keating
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073646
T-1st Ranked Overall (DaddyLeagues:99), R.E.L.A.X. the comeback begins in earnest for the Packers legend.

GBO GBDOutlook:  The Packers have Aaron Rodgers. That difference is enough to pull them ahead of what could be the tightest division in the Sim Association this season. Considering the young secondary, the Packers may face some growing pains on defense, but the offensive passing game is loaded. Jimmy Graham is a monster, while Davante Adams is one of the most over-looked playmakers in the game today. Who will run the ball though? Will Josh take his M18 running ability to the next level in M19? Time will tell

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100640

A 22 year old monster of a defensive tackle. Clark could catch a bounty on the trade market in 2019, or develop into one of the best interior defensive linemen in the game.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100708
Drafted: 1st Round, 18th Pick (18th Overall), Alexander may become Green Bay’s best defensive back in his first season

Team Projection: 1st in the NFC North 


Owner: Chaps
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073631
T-56th Ranked Overall

DETO DETDOutlook: Chaps comes into M19 having proven himself on the defensive side of the ball. His problem? Quarterback play. In Matt Stafford, Chaps will have his first legitimate QB of his time here with the Sim Association. The offense has playmakers all over, along with a solid offensive line. Short yardage? Blount is here to pound you into submission. Defensively, Slay is an elite corner, but will the pass rush get there in time? The scheme will be there, but will the players? Being in a new division should help Chaps’ growth, I expect big things, season one and the entire cycle.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100541.jpg
A possible #1, Golladay could be groomed into a great receiver, or used as trade bait while Tate and Jones dominate, but age.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100615
Drafted: 1st Round, 20th Pick (20th Overall), Ragnow is big and strong, and will fit in nicely along side T.J. Lang

Projection: 2nd in NFC North


Owner: Jay Twizzle
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808072901
T-74th Ranked Overall (DL: 90)

CHIO CHIDOutlook: Oh boy. Twizzle is back, but without Twizzle III under center. Jay made tremendous strides in M18, now he needs to carry them over against a full Sim Association. The positive, the Bears are loaded. A lot of young talent is available on both sides of the ball. Allen Robinson gives Chicago a legitimate playmaker, the backfield is loaded and Trubisky may be ready for the next step. Will the Motor Mouth of the shoutbox avert his eyes enough to concentrate on the game in front of him? No, no he won’t. But that’s what make Jay endearing to most in the league, while ruffling the feathers of others.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180808074148
Jordan will need to establish himself, as to not lose playing time to Cohen. The talent is there, will the patience be?
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180808074222
Drafted: 1st Round, 8th Pick (8th Overall), This man will be a 99 overall by the end of the cycle, and maybe season 2. If he’s not, Jay will need to reevaluate…

Projection: 3rd in NFC North


Owner: KWarren3
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808074116.jpg
T-11th Ranked Overall

MINO MINDOutlook: Don’t know much about the new Vikings owner , KWarren. Do know much about this Vikings roster. Diggs and Thielen are beasts, Cook and Murray are legit…but I think they downgraded from Keenum to Cousins. The defense will need to carry Minnesota if Cousins can’t live up to his significant contract. The defense is aging, so roster management will be key to sustained success, but early competitiveness could be there if KWarren can pick up some intra-division wins.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180808101021
Diggs is on the last year of his deal, and could fetch a decent haul, but would you trade the All-Pro talent?
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180808101111.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 30th Pick (30th Overall), Minnesota bolsters it’s secondary early in the draft, while possibly setting up for Rhodes regression or departure.

Projection: 4th in NFC North



Owner: Imperfect611
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073830.jpg
T-43rd Ranked Overall (DL: 92)

BALO BALDOutlook: Sometimes a bride’s made, never a bride. Imperfect picks up the Ravens for M19, and many owners were not too excited about it. Mobile quarterbacks are his specialty, and he has THE mobile quarterback in Lamar Jackson. I love Marshal Yanda, but he may not be long for the NFL. Did the Ravens add weapons to the offense? Yes. Are they any good? No. Defensively, Baltimore is once again among the top talent in the NFL. With new formations, scheme fit adjustments and new specialized positions, this feels like Imperfect’s dream scenario. But will there be too much adjusting? Probably not. Look for the Ravens to dominate this division until the Browns come of age, and even then, they may still have the advantage.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141747
339 lbs?!?! This young stud should anchor the Ravens defense nicely for the next six seasons.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141709
Drafted: 1st Round, 32nd Pick (32nd Overall), What? What do you want me to say? The only way Jackson is not good, is if he gets hurt. That’s it. Mike Vick 2.0, no. Mike Vick 1.5, yes. And that is plenty

Projection: 1st in AFC North


Owner: Studley021
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073022.jpg
T-90th Ranked Overall (DL: 89)

CLEO CLEDOutlook: Studley takes over the Browns after having the embarrassment of riches that was the Atlanta Falcons. A superb team builder, he will be up to the challenge. The roster is not void of talent though. Baker Mayfield could be great, while the backfield added Nick Chubb to speedster Duke Johnson Jr. The real work will need to be done on the offensive line. A plethora of young, elite talent is spread across the defense. A couple players could end up being 99s. Will Studley have the patience to build a contender, or will he dive in and try to compete right away? The Ravens will not slow down, and the Steelers are absolutely loaded.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100153.jpg
One of the few SuperStars under the age of 25, Myles Garrett is tremendous already, and will only develop into one of the best players in the NFL
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100441.jpg
Drafted 1st Round, 1st Pick (1st Overall), I’d like to see Baker make it to that vaunted 99 overall status. Good mobility, rocket arm, but will he stay upright?

Projection: 2nd in AFC North


Owner: OGKUSH008
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808072924.jpg
T-35th Ranked Overall (DL: 93)

CINO CINDOutlook: The first thing Kush needs to do is fire Marvin Lewis. I don’t care if they win the Super Bowl. Being led by Andy Dalton is a problem. Luckily the Bengals have some talent on offense. Green, Mixon, Eifert and Ross will create matchup problems allover the field. Look out for fits of rage in the shoutbox though. On D, Cincinnati may be better overall, but they have holes in the secondary and at line backer. The strength is the D-Line, where young and veteran talent may be able to dominate games.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180808074400
A possible star in the making, Lawson is already a good player, and is young enough to develop into an All-Pro
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100111
Drafted: 1st Round, 21st Pick (21st Overall), A solid pick, Price could become a decent anchor for the Bengals young core

Projection: 3rd in AFC North


Owner: CyHipHopp
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073954.jpg
T-1st Ranked Overall

PITO PITDOutlook: Another new owner, and another stacked team to help ease the process. Cy takes over the Steelers and with them could put up 30 a game. Big Ben, Brown, Bell, Ju-Ju, just get the ball and go. The defense has speed and interior dominators, but will the secondary hold up? The division will test Cy’s metal. Studley has been to multiple Super Bowls (never a winner, sorry Stud), while Imperfect is always in the playoffs. Good luck out there new comer, you’re gonna need it.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100801
Ju-Ju and Brown give the Steelers perhaps the best combo of receivers in the NFL. Bombs away for Big Ben
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180808100910.jpg
Drafted: 3rd Round, 12th Pick (76th Overall), While Roethlisberger may have a few more seasons left in him, Rudolph could develop into a fantastic replacement.

Projection: 4th in AFC North




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