Season 13 Preview: East

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Owner: BenTheGreat
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073501.jpg
T-35th Ranked Overall (DL: 93)

PHIO PHIDOutlook: This team is just filthy. They have a great all round team lead by the young Carson Wentz on offense. They have a pretty solid O-line to protect the QB so he can have time to make his reads correctly. When Wentz isn’t making his reads correctly you have Ajayi and Sproles to rely on, which aren’t bad options in the backfield. Then you look at the defense and one of the best defenses in the league at that. A solid secondary lead by veteran Jenkins and a solid line lead by veterans Cox and Graham. This team is just solid everywhere you look and it’s hard too not see them push for the East title and for the chance to another super bowl.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141816.jpg
In Ben’s capable hands, look for Wentz to be your MVP favorite in every season, especially with that offense. 97 out of the box!!!
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141847
Drafted: 4th Round, 30th Pick (130th Overall), Not much room for improvement for the Eagles, but at 21, Sweat could develop into a key contributor down the road

Projection: 1st in NFC East


Owner: Glen Cieske lom 3
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073856.jpg
T-29th Ranked Overall

WASO WASDOutlook: New man under center and a new star HB could be a great combo for the Skins this year. They already have the WR’s and TE’s to make plays, now they just need a little bit of protection from that O-line and let Smith and Guice show what they can do for DC. Their defense lead by Swearinger and Brown has the ability to make a run, but will they come through? They’re going to need to get some production from that D-line, which is their weakest link at the moment but they are filled with young players there and it’s only a matter of time before those young players are leading this defense.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141928.jpg
Guice has Fournette size, with some speed as well. Glen turned Mixon into the best back of M18, will he do it again?
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141928.jpg
Drafted: 2nd Round, 27th Pick (59th Overall)

Projection: 2nd in NFC East


Owner: mr_2teamz
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073543
T-20th Ranked Overall (DaddyLeagues: 95)

NYGO NYGDOutlook:  This team has a lot of areas that need work but they made a step in the right direction this offseason. Adding Solder and Hernandez to the O-line is a huge plus. Getting Barkley in the backfield who can make things happen with the football in his hands should help take the pressure off the QB. Can’t see Eli being the man in charge much longer, but they have two decent young backups who will be ready to take over at any time. The defensive side of the ball should look a lot different. A lot of new players have a chance to get starts all over the place. Landon Collins and Damon Harrison will need to guide this team in the right direction if they want a chance at a playoff spot.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141904.jpg
The 2nd best overall selection was also the second best overall talent of the draft. Barkley is a player you can build a Madden (not real life) franchise around
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141904.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 2nd Pick (2nd Overall)

Projection: 3rd in NFC East


Owner: The Phenominal One
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073231.jpg
T-15th Ranked Overall

DALO DALDOutlook:  Best offensive line in the league hands down. They have their young QB and running back but fall short in the WR and TE department. They don’t have that big time playmaker out there with the departure of Bryant as well as Witten. They do have Williams, Beasley, and Hurns, but with two of those 3 approaching 30 I think they need to add another big threat to get that offense clicking. Their defense is led by a pretty good D-line, some young CBs, but after that they go the wrong direction. Safety position is really weak and the LB position has Lee and Vander Esch. Nobody else that comes at you when you look at the roster. If they want to have a chance, those two positions need some depth added soon.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813141949.jpg
A former SA MVP, Elliott has the security of the best offensive line in football, that won’t be going anywhere for the entire cycle, and he is still just 23. Wow
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142004.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 19th Pick (19th Overall), Vander Esch could be the ideal replacement for the ancient Sean Lee

Projection: 4th in NFC East



Owner: John Fichera lom 3
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073736.jpg
T-1st Ranked Overall

NEO NEDOutlook: Another season and another year the Patriots look to make a deep playoff run. Their offensive line and HB positions appear to be their weakest points on offense. They do have Brady who can make things happen when he’s slinging it, especially when he has Gronk and Edelman healthy. Their defense looks pretty solid with McCourty and Chung at the safety positions. They also have McCourty and Gilmore at CB and some great D Line pieces.  Their weakest link for sure is the LB position. They will need to improve this area if they want to make a run in the AFC when the playoffs roll around.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142048.jpg
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142048.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 23rd Pick (23rd Overall), Wynn will be a nice replacement for the expensive Nate Solder, and also have the chance to be an All-Pro

Projection: 1st in AFC East


Owner: iexploitd
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073616.jpg
T-161st Ranked Overall (DL: 86)

NYJO-1 NYJDOutlook: They are coming into this season led by young QB Darnold. He has a couple of good WRs, like Anderson and Kearse to work with on the outside and some decent HBs to hand the ball off too, but nobody who really sticks out. My biggest concern is can this O-line give him the time he needs to sit in the pocket or make holes for the HBs? You look on the defensive side of the ball and they look better there. Led by young safety star Adams, they have a strong D-line and some good LBs and CBs. They don’t have any players that really jump out at you, but I believe they are solid enough to make a push for a wild card spot if they can get that offense clicking

Best Asset:


Madden NFL 19_20180808073616.jpg
Jamal Adams is a force to be reckoned with. Near linebacker size, but corner skills and agility, Adams will be the best player on the Jets for years to come
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142218.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 3rd Pick (3rd Overall), Teddy Bridgewater is on the roster, but Darnold needs to be the day one starter. Too much arm talent

Projection: 2nd in AFC East


Owner: Antonio T.
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073303.jpg
T-56th Ranked Overall

MIAO MIADOutlook: This team I expect to be head to head with the Jets fighting for the 2nd place spot in this division. They have a pretty good WR core and a decent HB, I just don’t know if that offensive line is enough. In order to make things happen they are going to need good blocking this season from them so they can get the ball to their playmakers. On the defensive side, they have good pieces all around. They have some good young CBs in Fitzpatrick and McCain. Some good DE’s that should not have any problems getting to the QB, but their LBs need a lot of work. Not much there at all so if they want to try and make a push this season they need to address this position.

Best Asset:

Madden NFL 19_20180813142025.jpg

Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142025.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 11th Pick (11th Overall), Perhaps the most versatile player of the 2018 draft, Fitzpatrick can play any of the 5 secondary spots, while also being a big enough thumper to hold his own in the run game.

Projection: 3rd in AFC East


Owner: Xxxlaywilliamxx
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808072937.jpg
T-35th Ranked Overall

BUFO BUFDOutlook: Another team led by a young QB potentially in Allen. They have McCoy to pick up the load to take the pressure off the QB due to their weak offensive line. They don’t have many options other than Benjamin and Clay to throw to at the moment, which could hurt the production from the QB position this season. The defense has two great safeties sitting back there waiting to make plays. They also have young stud CB Tre’Davious White and some solid players on the D-line to hopefully get pressure to the QB. Rookie LB Tremaine Edwards has a chance to become a stud for this defense if he gets the right time to develop, and he gets some help around him at the LB position so he doesn’t have to try and make everything happen himself.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142124.jpg
Another young stud corner. The NFL is brimming with them, and White is near the top of the list. The Bills have a building block here
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142140.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 16th Pick (16th Overall), Edmunds can play end or outside, and being only 20, may develop faster than any of the 2018 draft class

Projection: 4th in AFC East






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