Season 13 Preview: West

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by: Jay Twizzle III



Owner: Blackhawk375
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073806
T-1st Ranked Overall, (DaddyLeagues: 99)


Outlook: After contending for a Super Bowl berth in season 12, Hawk will get to pick up with the Rams
right where he left off with the Colts. The Rams made a statement in the 2018 offseason, putting
all of their eggs in the short term basket and loading up the roster with stars like Peters, Talib,
and Suh. It might break their salary cap in a few years, but it will all be worth it if the Lombardi
Trophy is hoisted in LA… not by the Chargers. Look for the Rams to contend for the division
lead early on, but possibly fade after a few seasons as their rivals get stronger.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142311.jpg
The reigning Offensive Player of the Year will get more than his fair share of touches in Hawk’s
ground-and-pound offense. The yards per carry may not be beautiful, but the touchdowns will
be plentiful.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142331
Drafted: 6th Round, 2nd Pick (176th Overall), Essentially drafting Brandin Cooks with their first round pick, Todd Gurley’s backup is the best rookie. Don’t look for him to make an immediate impact, though. This team is primed to win now, not wait up for the young new guys.

Projection: 1st in NFC West


Owner: ChandlerW lom 3
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073936.jpg
T-11th Ranked Overall (DL: 97)

SEAO SEADOutlook: A Super Bowl champion in M18, what Chandler lacks in roster support he can easily make up
for in skill. Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner will be truly terrifying under his control. Look for
the Seahawks to contend for the division early in the file, and possibly run away with it if
Chandler sticks around for all 6 seasons.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142411.jpg
Wilson frustrates animated defenses just as much as he does in real life. There probably
couldn’t be a more threatening user for him to land with than Chandler.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142427
Drafted: 1st Round, 27th Pick (27th Overall), At just 22 years old and featuring 90+ speed, acceleration, and agility, Penny is a superb young back to start off the file with.

Projection: 2nd in NFC West


Owner: Juke
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073530.jpg
T-70th Ranked Overall (DaddyLeagues: 90)

SFO SFDOutlook: After leading a pass-happy Patriots offense in M18, Juke takes over the 49ers and budding star
Jimmy Garoppolo. The offense appears primed for a fast start, but the defense will require some
key young additions to become viable, similar to the draft and development of Antuan Horn in
M18. Look for the 49ers to be middle of the pack in the division at first, but contend for the title
once the roster strengthens and the stacked Rams have to shed stars to clear cap space.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142240.jpg
Garoppolo comes into his first year as a starter with a huge cap hit and an average overall
rating. His quick development, or lack thereof, will determine the fate of the franchise.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142255.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 9th Pick (9th Overall), McGlinchey’s development will be key to Garoppolo’s success, and therefore the team’s.

Projection: 3rd in NFC West


Owner: Tigers20
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073106.jpg
T-35th Ranked Overall

ARIO ARIDOutlook: After botching a chance to draft Chao Li in M18, Tigers went on to lead a rather effective
offense behind Christian McCaffery and a deteriorated Kirk Cousins. The combination of David
Johnson and Josh Rosen may be even more potent, as long as Rosen develops into a
competent starter. The struggle will be on defense. Patrick Peterson is a superstar and will help
contain opponents’ passing games, but there is work to be done. Stuck in a division full of
capable users, look for the Cardinals to be fighting an uphill battle for contention.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142352.jpg
David Johnson is an elite back, but Rosen will have to be good enough to keep the defense
from loading the box every down.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142352
Drafted: 1st Round, 10th Pick (10th Overall)

Projection: 4th in NFC West



Owner: Dakota7 lom 3lom 3
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808072957.jpg
T-1st Ranked Overall

DENO-1 DENDOutlook: A true powerhouse owner, Dakota turned Deshone Kizer into a Super Bowl winning
quarterback, and developed one of the fiercest pass rushes of the M18 file. He gets a head start
on defense in M19 with Von Miller and Bradley Chubb, but will have to find his QB of the future.
Even so, Dakota is a skilled enough user, and Keenum is a viable enough starter, for this team
to contend from the start. Look for the Broncos to dominate the West until Dakota gets bored.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142503
Without a strong backfield to start, the perimeter passing game will have to be on point. Sutton
could be to Dakota what Bronson Jordon was to his division rival Falcons in M18. If Sutton gets
off to a good development track, it will make the new running back’s duties easier when he
presumably gets drafted after the first season.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142525
Drafted: 1st Round, 5th Pick (5th Overall), The Broncos may have gotten the steal of the draft in Chubb. The rest of the league is just hoping he doesn’t put up numbers comparable to LeAundre Aubrey’s in M18.

Projection: 1st in AFC West


Owner: Michael Martin lom 3
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073149.jpg
T-15th Ranked Overall (DL: 96)

KCO KCDOutlook: Another Super Bowl winner, Mike knows how to make the best of a roster laden with skill
players such as the Chiefs. If he could do it with Dobbs, there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able
to do it with Mahomes. The only question is, why did he fade from the picture after a few
seasons in M18? Did other owners figure him out? Look for the Chiefs to be the Broncos’ main
competitor in this division, but the threat may not be too serious if Mike doesn’t adapt his game
as his opponents adapt to him.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142547.jpg
Mahomes’ performance will be the key to the Chiefs’ success from the get-go.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142602.jpg
Drafted: 2nd Round, 14th Pick (46th Overall)

Projection: 2nd in AFC West


Owner: Neal Mason
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073127.jpg
T-43rd Ranked Overall

LACO LACDOutlook: After coming into his own down the stretch in M18, Neal will take over a Chargers squad with young
talent on both sides of the ball. However, Rivers will need a replacement at some point, and
unless that replacement comes via a trade or free agency, he will have to be developed. With
two past Super Bowl champs in the division, look for the Chargers to take some time gaining
momentum this file.

Best Asset:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142619.jpg
No one needs reminding of what Bosa did in M18. I won’t say anymore out of respect for past
AFC Owners’ probable PTSD.
Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142637
Drafted: 1st Round, 17th Pick (17th Overall), I only said Chubb “may have been” the steal of the draft because Derwin James was the steal of the draft. James at 16 would have been almost unfathomable, and if I may take a moment to berate my hometown Baltimore Ravens… what were you thinking trading back there, Ozzie?

Projection: 3rd in AFC West


Owner: ChiefMoe
Best Player:
Madden NFL 19_20180808073750.jpg
T-8th Ranked Overall

OAKO OAKDOutlook: SA’s king of airing it out, Moe draws Derek Carr as his QB in M19. After lighting up defenses
with multiple 5000 yard seasons with the cheat code that is Aaron Rodgers, a mid-tier
quarterback may bring some early struggles. Luckily, Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson present a
very competent receiving duo. There might be some growing pains, but this offense will take off
soon enough. As with many teams, defensive play and development will be the deciding factor
in this teams relevance. Moe developed a star corner and interior linebacker with the Packers in
M18, so look for the Raiders to become a wild card contender once the roster comes online.

Best Asset:

Madden NFL 19_20180813142700.jpg

Top Rookie:
Madden NFL 19_20180813142711.jpg
Drafted: 1st Round, 15th Pick (15th Overall)

Projection: 4th in AFC West






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