Madden 18 2nd Team All-Pro Defensive Secondary

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A couple long time vets, flanked by youngsters with a nose for the ball

Apple Player Card.png
Another Pttsburgh Steeler…how did anyone score against them? Apple had the speed and coverage skills to lock up one side of the field

Tabor Player Card.png
The lone Lion amongst our All-Pro teams, Tabor was excellent in coverage, even with limited speed

Thomas III Player Card.png
Thomas was a ball hawk in every sense of the term. The deep part of the field was often closed for business. His 3 INTs in Super Bowl 2021 sealed the Chargers victory

Smith Player Card.png
Another old soul patrolling the deep middle, Smith also provided much needed run support from his safety position

Honorable Mention

CB: Stephon Gilmore, Jalen Ramsey

FS: Xavier Wood, T.J. Green, Marcus Williams, Malik Hooker

SS: Landon Collins, Maurice Alexander

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