Madden 18 1st Team All-Pro Defensive Front

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The most decorated position group of Madden 18, the First Team Front 7 contains multiple Super Bowl Champs, Defensive Player of the Year recipients and so, so many Pro Bowl appearances

Bosa Player Card.png
Record setter, Super Bowl Champion, sack master, Joey Bosa finished Madden 18 4th on the All-Time sack list

Beasley Player Card.png
Pro Bowl, Defensive Lineman and Player of the Year every season but 2020, Beasley made a case for best overall player of Madden 18

Goldman Player Card.png
One of the few bright spots for a struggling Bears franchise, Goldman was a sack tornado on the inside

Tuitt Player Card.png
Tuitt may have been the most important player on the 2018 Steelers Championship team. Not many can affect the passing game from the inside like him

Aubrey Player Card.png
The first of our vaunted outside linebackers, Aubrey was one of the most talented players of Madden 18, rounding out the 4th All-Pro Selection for the Saints

Burton Player Card.png
Stan the Man was the second coming of “LT” during his reign in Madden 18. If you’re throwing, make it snappy when Burton is on the other side

Shazier Player Card.png
The definition of “Lurk” for Madden 18 should just have a picture of Shazier. Speed kills, especially in the middle


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