Madden 18 1st Team All-Pro Offensive Line

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We begin with the most important group on the field. Among our First Team, we have teammates, 3 Super Bowl Champions and the best lineman in the game. (You decide whom of these five that is)

T. Smith Player Card.png
Dominated in both conferences, lead the Chargers to the 2021 Championship

Wheatley Player Card.png
Another Champion, in 2020, Wheatley was the bulldozer for one of the league’s top offenses

Hughes Player Card.png
The best lineman on perhaps the league’s best overall line, Hughes was a standout in his 3 year career

Blumberg Player Card.png
My vote for best Offensive Lineman of Madden 18, when Blumberg pulled, a freight train was coming
Holmes Player Card.png
A late bloomer, Holmes exploded in 2021, helping lead the Chargers to the Super Bowl, while making his 1st Pro Bowl



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