Sim Association Season 12 Playoff Predictions (Conference Championships)

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After the Jets stunning upset, and complete domination of the Chargers, they are the hot pick amongst our owners, while the 16-0 Falcons aren’t garnering much respect.

Chaps –  helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 28-24

Jay Twizzle – helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 17-14

Josh Keating – helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 24-20

Michael Pluth – helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 27-24

Chaps –  helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 34-17

Jay Twizzle – helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 31-20

Josh Keating – helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 28-10

Michael Pluth – helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 30-3

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