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Volume 1, Issue 2

I think the Jets will crush the Chargers

The Playoffs are here, and the predictions and hot takes are firing (see above). Let’s get into the matchups and predictions from some owners around the league.



I honestly think I’m going to go out on a limb and give the Colts the edge for the AFC crown. Hawk has been battling hard this season and seems to have finally put it together. Also, he played the crazy talented Chargers down to the wire during the season. I think we will see them match-up in the finals for a second showdown where the Colts will come out on top 20-17.

NFC South Owner


The Jaguars (9-7, OFF: 6th, DEF: 11th) crept in to the playoffs, avoiding the tie breakers with the Broncos and Patriots, as both of those franchises laid eggs in weeks 16 and 17, respectively. Jacksonville is as Jekyll and Hyde as they come, showing promise against playoff teams, but also getting demolished by others. A freak injury mid-season may have contributed to an extra loss or two, but the Jags are the 6 seed for a reason. A juggernaut on offense, but in a defense heavy playoffs, Jacksonville is lacking. Can the they put together a balanced run?

The Bengals (13-3, OFF: 8th, DEF: 8th) come into the playoffs having won seven in a row. Led by efficient Quarterback Mailau Floyd, and top ten in rushing yards, the balanced attack is a key in the Bengals ball control, defense led scheme. Showing such promise lately, Cincinnati has been tabbed a sleeper contender for this year’s AFC crown.

After starting the season 0-2, the Ravens (10-6, OFF: 9th, DEF: 10th) bounced back to secure the 5 seed in the AFC. The resurgence of Cam Newton, a borderline MVP candidate, and improved overall game play, the Ravens present problems for any AFC opponent. Will the Jets looking past little Baltimore light that fire?

The Jets (13-3, OFF: 5th, DEF: 4th) come into the playoffs riding a four game win streak. Led by running back Gregory Siler, they dispatched playoff teams (Ravens, Jags) and playoff hopefuls (Steelers). Boasting a top 5 run game and their typical stingy defense, The Silent Killers, as dubbed by some in the league, look to do damage in the playoffs. Earlier this week the Jets brass was reached for comment on the playoffs in general, the quote…”I think the Jets will crush the Chargers.” Silent no more.

As for sleepers though, neither Cards or Bengals would surprise me coming out of their respective conferences

NFC Executive



You have the Lions and Redskins matching up in the first round, which will be a heck of a game. The Skins have improved dramatically. I think the edge has to go to the experienced Paw in that one, but Ataric could pull the upset at home. I think the Cards will handle the Bears just for the reason of it being the Bears first shot at the playoffs and interceptions will be thrown when Twizzle starts pressing. Playoffs are different. I think it all comes down to the Lions, Falcons, or Vikings. I’m going with the Falcons over the Vikings in another close playoff game between the two with a score of 24-20. A lot of defense will be played on both sides. One of those teams will have to go through last year’s NFC champ in the Lions though. I think the Falcons rookie QB Sean Polley is what they needed to get over the hump.

NFC South Owner


Love ’em or loath ’em, the Bears (8-8, OFF: 22nd, DEF: 12th) are in the playoffs. Their exciting style of all or nothing offense has snuck the baby Bears in. Their reward? The stifling Arizona Cardinals defense. Chicago is led by the two-headed rushing attack of Jordan Howard and Deion Barnes. The only team with a negative point differential in the playoffs, the Bears playoff christening will be rough.

The Cardinals (13-3, OFF: 11th, DEF: 3rd) are defense, defense and more defense. Defensive End Blair Brown leads the elite group, while the conservative, yet crafty offense is spear headed by MVP Candidate David Johnson. Can the Cardinals put together enough offense for a deep playoff run?

The Lions (10-6, OFF: 14th, DEF: 9th) come into the playoffs in an unenviable position for a defending conference champ. Three potential matchups against the Redskins, Vikings and Falcons. The first of them may be an offensive explosion. The score could easily be 42-35 and no one would bat an eye. Typically a pass heavy scheme, Detroit put their eggs in the Giorgio Arisman basket. The record setting back has given the Lions an electric backfield star.

Last season the Redskins (13-3, OFF: 7th, DEF: 6th) may have been a surprise. This season, not so much. Their high powered offense led by wide receiver Rashad Lenon, added burner Morris Pounds. The sack happy D will offer a stout deterrent to the Detroit Play-Action heavy, deep ball attack. No one is picking the ‘Skins, but they are a force that should not be taken lightly.

I think it ends up Chargers-Falcons in the SB due to the LA Defense and Stud’s mistake-free game.

NFC North scout

Of all the owners polled, the responses were overwhelming and surprising. All but one has the Atlanta Falcons (16-0, OFF: 3rd, DEF: 1st) in Super Bowl. Led by league MVP quarterback Sean Polley and defensive end Vic Beasley Jr., the Falcons are undefeated and looking for that first elusive Lombardi trophy.

I’m taking Alex in the AFC. He manages the clock well on offense and suffocates you on defense. Then I’m taking Stud in the NFC. He has played unbelievable this final season and I think Stud finally gets his Super Bowl with his rookie QB

AFC South Owner

The Vikings (16-0, OFF: 2nd, DEF: 2nd), also undefeated, acquired one vote to represent the NFC. Minnesota has perhaps the best offense in the game today, led by Chicago Bears cast off Jay Twizzle III, Stefon Diggs and Dalvin Cook.

I see a Colts/Chargers rematch to go to Season 12 SB. As for NFC I really don’t see anyone stopping these Falcons, but if anyone can do it; It will be Fichera and those Purple People Eaters. Atlanta wins it all this year.

AFC East Owner

The AFC is another matter entirely. The votes were split amongst three teams. The Indianapolis Colts (13-3, OFF: 5th, DEF: 7th) have put together their best season of this cycle, and look to make a playoff push without MVP Candidate Andrew Luck. Defensive end Stanley Burton will attempt to pick up that slack.

Chargers vs Falcons for the title.
Chargers are legit. They expect to repeat. Falcons will have a shot though.

NFC North President

The Jets were next on the list, followed by the AFC favorite, although not by much according to league executives, the defending champion Los Angeles Chargers (15-1, OFF: 1st, DEF: 5th). The best offensive unit in the AFC, the Chargers were led by second year back Rashaun Freeney, an MVP candidate, out for most of the playoffs, but now will feature their dangerous passing attack, as well as preeminent defensive end Joey Bosa.

The league seems legitimately split on the favorites this post-season. It will be a fun ride. Be sure to tune in to the live streams of each and every playoff game, and don’t be afraid to comment here, in the live stream or on twitter.

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