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Volume 1, Issue 1
Welcome to the maiden edition of the Sim Association U-T magazine. Going forward, come here for your SA News, Power Ranking, League Movement, League Issues and more. Your comments are welcomed and encouraged.
In our first edition, we have an extensive and exclusive interview with one of our lead administrators. Juke (aka Paul) is at the forefront of powering The Sim Association and pushing it to new heights. Fortunately, as a league, they have only scratched the surface.
Let’s get started (ed. note, answers have been edited for clarity)


PFTC: Because it’s the question on everyone’s mind, I must make my first question about team reveals. I understand no spoilers, but what can you tell us? Conference layout, any rivalries carrying over to M19?

Juke: Without giving too much away, I will say that I’m excited to see the match-ups this year. A lot of owners have approached me with people they’d like to play with. I’ve tried my best to make that happen.

PFTC: How do you feel about the competitive balance going forward? It was fair this year, and you can’t control rosters after the first season, but just your thoughts on the balance of the ownership throughout the league.

Juke: You know for the first time in our history, IMO, I wouldn’t look at either conference and say that’s the stronger conference. I think 95% of the league got a choice in their top 5. I feel we will improve our competitive balance with users that came into their own and put it all together this year like John Fichera, Michael Martin, and Michael Pluth.

PFTC: Building off of team reveals, will we see the coach himself, Glen Cieske, playing in season 1 of M19? I say yes, but I’m just a fake reporter with no sources.

Juke: I can confirm that Glen will be playing season 1, as opposed to files past where he hasn’t been able to. He was forced to take a smaller role at the high school (WR’s Coach instead of OC) due to his work schedule. This will undoubtedly improve the competition for this file. I fully expect Glen to compete for a title if not win at least one.


PFTC: With yourself and Glen wearing so many committee hats, will we see new committee membership? Where will those additions and/or changes take place?

Juke: We are going to be making some changes, and bringing new faces in and giving some other owners a rest will be a priority. All admins and Mods will remain in place on their committees, as they are held to a higher standard, and accountability. The new faces (so-to-speak) will be the likes of John Fichera, and Chaps, along with a few others that will be named at a later date. Taking a break this season will be Blackpaw (He admins MFLOPA), and Michael Pluth will come off the Trade Committee, as I would like his focus to be on the Media Committee as year 3 in SA will be focused around content and immersion.


PFTC: One of the key committees is the Trade Committee. There were some interesting trades this release, some would say controversial, (ed. note, PFT Conscience has a close, personal relationship with Los Angeles Chargers owner Michael Pluth), but they were within the rules. Rumblings around the league say trade rules changes are coming. Why? What are these changes? What are the changes aiming to accomplish?

Juke: Great question, and I’m happy to reveal the changes in this exclusive! In the real NFL we rarely see big time players on the move like we did in Chompions this past release. As a true SIM league, I don’t think this is very realistic of us to continue. Moving forward, we will not see any players 81 OVR and over, traded unless: 1.) They are in the last year of their deal (See Jarvis Landry Trade IRL 2018) or 2.) are over the age of 30. This will do a couple things for SA. The first, it will create more of a competitive balance in the league. The second, it will really show which owners in this league have the potential to be GREAT GMs. I hope our owners are ready for a true-to-life NFL experience.

Another thing we are looking into, putting max contracts in place for FA’s. This is preliminary and I won’t go into too much detail right now. Just know that we had a lot of teams in the red this year for cap management. We shouldn’t always be spending money like kids in a toy store after Christmas. I think the IRL Browns did a very good job this offseason. Also the IRL Colts didn’t spend a dime in FA.


PFTC: I think ownership in SA are curious and excited about the growth of the league. Could you give us some insight about how the popularity of the SA Daddyleagues site is tabulated, and your thoughts on League Crawler?

Juke: Would love to! As far as DaddyLeagues goes, it’s all about how active our DL site is, and as Hawk has said, I think it’s related to all overall traffic on the site. As for League Crawler, we have yet to capture league of the month. I think that CHANGES in year 3 for SA. The content and activity I’m going to require from our owners puts us deeply rooted in the conversation. I also want to throw a relatively new name out there. Madden Accord is doing big things early, and is a site designed to get our content seen by the community, whether it be EA themselves, or other leagues in the community. You can see our part of their site @

PFTC: Thank you for the time Juke, but I would be remiss if I didn’t get an overall observation and maybe some predictions for the final season of M18, season 12.

Juke: Chompions took what was a mediocre Madden game and made the best of it this release. M18 was not one of my favorites, but this league persevered and we’ve had a lot of fun this year. As far as predictions for the end of this year, I see a Chargers-Falcons Superbowl. The Jets not getting the upset of the vaunted Chargers in LA, and I think Stud finally puts it together against the Vikings and redeems himself from season 7. Atlanta wins SB 35-28. #OnTo19
In closing, I want everyone to be involved this year for M19. It will be the year of content for SA, and will really take us into the next level of elite leagues. I’d like us to be more active on Twitter and our team forums/players tribune. Together we make this place great! #IronSharpensIron


Well, there you have it. Juke has spoken. Until the next time, thank you for your time.

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