Sim Association Season 4 NFC Mid-Season Recap

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  • MVP of the Mid-Year

li mid

2625 Passing Yards (2nd in the NFL), 24 TDs (1st in NFL), 136.9 QBR (1st in NFL)

  • New Comer of the Mid-Year

green mid

626 Yards Receiving (7th in NFC), 21.6 YPR, 3 TDs

  • Rookies of the Mid-Year

li mid

ferentz mid

6.5 Sacks (T-13th in NFC), 10 TFLs (T-4th in NFC)


NFC East is about as tough as anyone can expect it to be. 3 teams are battling it out for the top all within a couple games of each other. The surprise team has been the Cowboys. They’ve been consistent playoff contenders year in and year out and now are bottom of the pack. The Giants expect to find themselves in the playoffs when it’s all said and done with. With one more matchup with the eagles it could determine who gets the bye and home field and who gets a wild card spot.

-WFAN production assistant


Head of the Class

NYG Led by the rookie Li, the Giants are on fire with an efficient and balanced offensive attack (NFL Power Ranking #6)

Passing Grades

redsk An enigma to me. Swept the Eagles, but have been embarrassed in a few games. Can they make that push to the next level? (NFLPR #12)

PHIThe high powered Eagles just haven’t found the balance on defense yet this season. But, with only two losses, they are in the thick of it (NFLPR #8)

After School Detention

DALCPU. Boring (NFLPR #31)



If the Bears ever put it together, the league would never hear the end of it. Luckily that will never happen. Minnesota is freaking loaded. Wow. I feel like the Packers are trying to set a passing record every game. In the Motor City, it’s up and down every year, this is no different. The playoff history of this division is pretty poor. So much talent. Pretty disappointing.

-George W., from Chicago

Head of the Class

MINOffense, defense, special teams. You name it, the Vikings have it. Those little guys are pretty fast. (NFLPR #5)




Passing Grades

GB Where would they be without Aaron Rodgers? The folks in Green Bay do not wanna know. (NFLPR #18)

DETAre they good? Are they bad? The Lions have talent, but will they put it together this season? (NFLPR #15)

After School Detention

CHIThe Bears can’t stop anyone. It doesn’t matter how many points they score when nobody is getting stopped (NFLPR #26)





Saints are starting out strong leaving the Panthers Falcons and Bucs to play catch up. Falcons have tried them, Panthers still have a crack at them, Bucs are looking to next season already. Not much of a surprise here but will be interesting to see how the latter half of the season shakes out.

-color guy for Bucs radio


Head of the Class

NOHead of the Class is right. The best team in the NFL at the mid way point (NFLPR #1)




Passing Grades

ATLThe playoffs may be slipping away for the Falcons, but they have the most talented team in the league. You have to kill them. They will not just go away (NFLPR #9)

CARGot rid of Cam, and have played much better. McCaffrey is a force on the offensive side of the ball (NFLPR #19)




After School Detention



Not very good football being played here. Maybe the Rams can push the Cardinals for the division. It’s good that the worst division is in the West, all those east coast snobs won’t see the games anyway. The Rams O vs. the Cardinals D will be fun to watch.

-KLAC anchor


Head of the Class

cardinalsDefense and ball control are the name of the game in Arizona. Both have served the Cardinals well this season (NFLPR #10)

Passing Grades


After School Detention

SEAThe Seahawks just can’t get going on offense. The defense can still keep them in the game though (NFLPR #23)

SFThe newcomer on the block is still getting his bearings, but they don’t turn the ball over. A good start (NFLPR #29)

LARNew ownership may right the ship in LA. But what happens when Odell starts making $40,000,000 a year? (NFLPR #22)




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