Sim Association Season 4 AFC Mid-Season Recap

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  • MVP of the Mid-Year

siler mid (1).png

920 Yards Rushing (1st in NFL), 14 Total TDs (2nd in NFL)

  • New Comer of the Mid-Year

cam mid

1,793 Passing Yards (9th in AFC), 15 Passing TDs (5th in AFC), 125.6 QBR (4th in NFL)

  • Rookies of the Mid-Year

crosby mid

640 Rushing Yards (4th in AFC), 4 TDs

wilhite mid

6.5 Sacks (T-8th in AFC), 13 TFLs (T-4th in AFC) 


The Jets are really disciplined and have really built a great team. The Dolphins are back to their powerful offense we saw in the first year. The Bills are rebuilding and are doing it wrong. The Patriots are underachieving to say the least.

-crazed, but rational fan


Head of the Class

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1 Undefeated. That’s pretty good. So is Siler. See above (NFL Power Ranking #2)



Passing Grades

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Haven’t seen the hashtag #F***Tony in a while. It must be because he’s winning (NFLPR #13)

After School Detention

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1High expectations, but the results have waned (NFLPR #20)

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1CPU. Who Cares (NFLPR #32)


The AFC North is going to be a close race at the top with the Steelers and Browns the rest of the season. The Bengals are fighting for a playoff spot but in order for them to get in the AFC North would have to have 3 teams make the playoffs. A race that could come down to the final game. The big surprise has to be the struggling Ravens, I don’t think anyone expected them to have zero wins half way through the year.

-logical, AFC North local radio personality


Head of the Class

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Just one loss. Excellent Defense. Can the O catch up? (NFLPR #4)



Passing Grades

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1The best non-division leader. The talent is there (NFLPR #7)

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Much improved this season. Can the Bungles make a playoff push? (NFLPR #17)

After School Detention

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1What’s up with the Ravens in B-More? Not like them to struggle to the tune of an 0-7 record. (NFLPR #28)


This division has been like the fall lake turnover at my favorite fishing spots… when the water on the bottom rises to the top! The Jags have been very impressive out of the gate. I knew for awhile that they were a team on the rise, but even I didn’t realize just how good they could be. Josh has found a rhythm and even in his lone loss to the Steelers, he didn’t play a bad game. There is still a lot of football left to be played though and I wouldn’t count anyone out just yet!

-random team exec


Head of the Class

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1The shocker of the league so far. The Jags have turned into a playoff contender. Conservative and consistent have been the key factors. (NFLPR #11)



Passing Grades

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1The powerhouse Texans have struggled a bit this season. But they are still in striking distance. (NFLPR #14)

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Higher expectations entering the season, but mediocrity so far. (NFLPR #16)

After School Detention

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Not terrible, but not good. The Titans need to find someone other than A.J. Hitchens to help the offense move the ball (NFLPR #25)


Tough division as always. Wins and losses don’t reflect this division.
Every game is always a fight, whether it’s a close game or a lopsided victory.
Surpising play by rookies and second year players who seem to quickly adapt to the speed of the NFL. The West is still overpaying for aging talent. This division could probably beat other divisions easily.

-crazed, irrational fan


Head of the Class

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1One loss to the defending champs. Not bad. (NFLPR #3)



Passing Grades


After School Detention

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Tank city (But the effort is there) (NFLPR#21)

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Injury city (But Mayfield will be back, and is pretty good) (NFLPR #24)

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Poop city (Although, the play has improved as the season has moved on) (NFLPR #27)



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