Sim Association Season 2 Trade Grades (Pre Draft)

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  • Cleveland acquires the Detroit Lions 2018 3rd Round Pick and 2019 1st Round Pick 
  • Detroit acquires SS Jabrill Peppers (OVR: 78 at Time of Trade)

J Peppers (1)

2018 Season Stats: 74 Tkls, 8 TFLs, 1 Sack, 4 INTs, 7 Defl, 2 FF

Breakdown: Detroit really wanted to bring Peppers home. He is young and talented, but with no Quick or Super Star development trait, how much better can he get? The 3rd round pick was not insignificant, and the Browns acquiring another 1st Round pick in the first two Sim Association drafts is noteworthy.

Browns Grade: A

Lions Grade: C+


  • Detroit acquires WR Tyrell Williams (OVR: 82) and a 2018 5th Round Draft Selection (LOLB Lefi House, OVR: 70)

t willimas (1)

2018 Season Stats: 68 Rec, 1627 Yards, 20 TDs
2018 NFC Wide Receiver of the Year, 2018 Pro Bowl Selection

l house (1)

2018 Season Stats: Practice Squad
  • Los Angeles acquires RG T.J. Lang (OVR: 92) and LOLB Delano Hill (OVR: 71)

tj lang1 (1)

2018 Season Stats: 16 Games, 836 Downs Played, 10 Sacks Allowed

d hill1 (1)

2018 Season Stats: 17 Tkls, 1 TFL

Breakdown: Ty Williams fits Detroit’s vertical passing game perfectly, hence NFC Wide Receiver of the Year. Lang was immediately moved to LT and will be a mainstay for years. Hill was moved to SS, where he is being groomed to play coverage linebacker or a thumper at strong safety

Lions Grade: A+

Chargers Grade: B-


  • Atlanta acquires 2018 2nd Round Draft Selection (SS Acey McCarthy, OVR: 75) and 2019 1st Round Draft Selection #14 Overall

q mccarthy (1)

2018 Season Stats: 26 Tkls
  • Baltimore acquires HB Tevin Coleman (OVR:88)

t coleman (1)

2018 Season Stats: 270 Att, 1164 Yards, 4.3 YPA, 12 TDs, 37 Rec, 470 Yards, 2 TDs

Coleman TD

Breakdown: A first and a second are a heavy price to pay for a 25 year old running back in the last year of his deal. Coleman is talented, but his production was average this season. Not what the Ravens were hoping for when giving up that much. McCarthy could be a force in the Falcons secondary.

Falcons Grade: A

Ravens Grade: C+


  • Baltimore acquires 2018 3rd Round Draft Selection (C Dalton McCleod, OVR: 70)

d mcleod (1)

2018 Season Stats: Practice Squad
  • New York (A) acquires HB Kenneth Dixon (OVR: 79)

k dixon (1)

2018 Season Stats: 121 Att, 449 Yards, 3.7 YPA, 9 TDs

Breakdown: With the acquisition of Charles Sims III in free agency, the Jets traded a top 96 pick for a back up running back. The Ravens picked up a good pick, but didn’t come through on the selection.

Ravens Grade: B-

Jets Grade: C


  • Seattle acquires RG Dan Feeney (OVR: 80) and a 2019 4th Round Draft Selection #111 Overall

d feeney (1)

2018 Season Stats: 16 Games, 887 Downs Played, 3 Sacks Allowed
  • Los Angeles acquires FS Earl Thomas III (OVR: 93)

e thomas (1)

2018 Season Stats: 87 Tkls, 2 TFLs, 0.5 Sacks, 10 INTs, 19 Defl, 1 FF, 1 FR, 3 TDs
2018 Pro Bowl Selection

Breakdown: The Chargers acquire a future Hall of Famer who still has elite years ahead of him, while the Seahawks get a young interior lineman with elite strength and a top 120 draft pick, while not having to pay Thomas before he hit Free Agency.

Seahawks Grade: B+

Chargers Grade: A-


  • New England acquires WR Ryan Switzer (OVR: 75)

r switzaer (1)

2018 Season Stats: 12 Rec, 291 Yards, 18.2 YPR, 3 TDs
  • Dallas acquires a 2018 2nd Round Draft Selection (LG Bryant Richardson, OVR: 77)

b richardspon (1)

2018 Season Stats: 16 Games, 970 Downs Played, 7 Sacks Allowed

Breakdown: In this market, a 2nd round pick for a 75 OVR receiver is quite high, but Switzer is young and has a Quick Development trait. The Cowboys hit on their pick. Richardson has good skills and is huge.

Patriots Grade: C+

Cowboys Grade: B


  • Cleveland acquires a 2018 2nd Round Draft Selection (WR Lou Slaton, OVR: 70)

l slaton (1)

2018 Season Stats: 20 Rec, 324 Yards, 16.2 YPR, 1 TD
  • New Orleans acquires QB Deshon Kizer (OVR: 76)

d kizer (1)

2018 Season Stats: 299/434, 4892 Yards, 68%, 42 TDs, 16 INTs, 34 Att, 135 Yards, 2 TDs
2018 Pro Bowl Selection

Breakdown: If Kizer turns into a franchise quarterback, this will be a lopsided deal. Time will tell. Slaton is a project, but has size and decent skills. But with the Browns scouting department, that pick there seemed like a reach.

Browns Grade: B

Saints Grade: A-


  • Jacksonville acquires TE Eric Ebron (OVR: 88)

e ebron (1)

2018 Season Stats: 93 Rec, 1644 Yards, 17.7 YPR, 14 TDs
2018 Pro Bowl Selection, Led AFC in Receptions
  • Detroit acquires LB Blair Brown (OVR: 75), a 2018 4th Round Draft Selection and a 2019 1st Round Draft Selection #11 Overall

b brown (1)

2018 Season Stats: 37 Tkls, 9 TFLs, 1.0 Sacks, 1 INT. 5 Defl

Breakdown: Ebron is a talent, but on the last year of his deal. The Jaguars were dealing from a position of strength, so Brown was expendable, but he is young and talented. The 1st Round pick became #11 Overall. Personally, I thought the deal was tremendously lopsided towards Detroit, but the Jags changed their offensive philosophy, boom, Ebron is the best Tight End in the NFL.

Jaguars Grade: B

Lions Grade: A


  • Baltimore acquires QB Mitchell Trubisky (OVR: 80) and WR Kevin White (OVR: 71)

m trubisky (1)

2018 Season Stats: 221/384, 3501 Yards, 57%, 15 TDs, 18 INTs, 46 Att, 321 Yards, 8 TDs

Trubusky TD

k white (1)

2018 Season Stats: 5 Rec, 110 Yards, 22.0 YPR
  • Chicago acquires WR T.Y. Hilton (OVR: 93) and CB Jimmy Smith (OVR: 88) and a 2018 5th Round Selection (WR Adrian Garner OVR: 67)

ty hil (1)

2018 Season Stats: 42 Rec, 597 Yards, 14.2 YPR, 5 TDs

j smith (1)

2018 Season Stats: 55 Tkls, 5 TFLs, 5 INTs, 7 Defl, 2 FF, 1 TD

a garner

2018 Season Stats: 45 Rec, 512 Yards, 11.4 YPR, 9 TDs, 2 KR TDs
2018 Pro Bowl Selection
  • Indianapolis acquires the Ravens 2018 1st Round Draft Selection #17 Overall (CB Darion Bassey, OVR: 78)

d bassey (1)

2018 Season Stats: 50 Tkls, 5 INTs, 12 Defl, 1 FF, 3 TDs

Breakdown: The first three way trade of the cycle, and it is a big one. The Ravens acquire a potential franchise QB for an aging CB and a mid 1st. Chicago bolsters two skill positions with high end talent, and hits with a late draft pick. The Colts keep the rebuild going with another high draft pick. The names are big, but the production from all players left something to be desired this season.

Ravens Grade: B-

Bears Grade: B-

Colts Grade: B


  • Cleveland acquires 2018 1st Round Draft Selection #4 Overall
  • Denver acquires 2018 1st Round Draft Selection #14 Overal (via/HOU) (CB Julian Windsor, OVR: 82), 2018 2nd Round Draft Selection (via/HOU) (SS Donald Leggett, OVR: 71), 2018 3rd Round Draft Selection (RG Spencer Blair, OVR: 74) and 2018 3rd Round Draft Selection (via/DET)

j windsor (1)

2018 Season Stats: 50 Tkls, 2 TFLs, 5 INTs, 10 Defl, 2 TDs


d leggett (1)

2018 Season Stats: 27 Tkls, 2 TFLs, 2 Defl

s blair (1)

2018 Season Stats: 16 Games, 909 Downs Played, 2 Sacks Allowed

Breakdown: A trade that worked out for both sides, in the end. Cleveland traded out of 4 to acquire more assets that allowed them to move up at the end of the round, while still selecting Weathers. The Broncos selected perhaps the best player in the draft, a talented project SS and a 3rd round steal with a Quick Development RG.

Browns Grade: B

Broncos Grade: A-


  • Kansas City acquires a 2018 1st Round Draft Selection #16 Overall (LE Eugene Church, OVR: 80) and 2019 4th #143 Overall and 7th Round Draft Selections

e church (1)

2018 Season Stats: 65 Tkls, 14 TFLs, 3.5 Sacks
  • Los Angeles (A) acquires a 2018 6th Round Draft Selection (CB DeVan Wroten, OVR: 70) and a 2019 1st Round Draft Selection #3 Overall

d wroten (1)

2018 Season Stats: 17 Tkls, 2 TFLs, 2 INTs, 1 Defl, 1 FF, 1 BK, 1 TD

Breakdown: The Chiefs get back into round 1 and select a force at defensive end, while the Chargers acquire a future first which became #3 Overall and a project CB with excellent man coverage skills

Chiefs Grade: B

Chargers Grade: A

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