Sim Association Season 2 Trade Grade ( In Season)

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  • Seattle acquires CB Will Redmund (OVR: 75 at Time of Trade)

w redund

2018 Season Stats: 37 Tkls, 2 TFLs, 1.0 Sack, 3 INTs, 3 Defl, 1 FR, 1 TD
  • Indianapolis acquires a 2019 2nd Round Draft Selection #42 Overall

Breakdown: Yikes. Although Redmund is youngish, 24 years old, and has good speed and acceleration, a 2nd round pick is too high. If he is developed properly, he could be a borderline #2 CB. His best position will most likely be slot corner in Nickel sets.

Seahawks Grade: D

Colts Grade: A


  • Oakland acquires RT Rod Johnson (OVR: 75) and a 2019 6th Round Draft Selection

r johnson

2018 Season Stats: 4 Games, 11 Downs Played, 0 Sacks Allowed
  • Cleveland acquires LT Donald Penn (OVR: 89)

d penn

2018 Season Stats: 16 Games, 942 Downs Played, 10 Sacks Allowed

Breakdown: After a couple rough games, and looking to the playoffs, Cleveland makes a rare, in-season, bold trade for an aging veteran. They did give up a young tackle, but the win-now approach is significant in THE LAND

Raiders Grade: C+

Browns Grade: B


  • Houston acquires CB Eric Rowe (OVR: 79)

e rowe

2018 Season Stats: 46 Tkls, 5 TFLs, 11 Defl
  • New England acquires a 2019 2nd Round Draft Selection

Breakdown: Another corner traded, another heist. Although the Texans are in win now mode, a 2nd round pick for a 25 year old in the last year of his deal is hard to swallow. Houston should make a deep playoff run, so the pick should be late, if that is any consolation.

Texans Grade: C

Patriots Grade: A-


  • Atlanta acquires a 2020 2nd Round Draft Selection and DT Zach Kerr (OVR: 78)

z kerr

2018 Season Stats: 53 Tkls, 7 TFLs, 5.5 Sacks
  • Denver acquires DT Dontari Poe (OVR: 87)

d poe

2018 Season Stats: 48 Tkls, 11 TFLs, 3.5 Sacks, 1 Defl

Breakdown: Both teams seem to stacking up for a 3-4 defense. Are the Broncos trying to build a 99 overall D? The second round pick the Falcons acquire could be high, but is also two drafts from now.

Falcons Grade: B

Broncos Grade: C+


  • Tampa Bay acquires HB Jeremy Hill (OVR: 88)

j hill

2018 Season Stats: 159 Att, 1061 Yards, 6.7 YPA, 9 TDs
  • Cincinnati acquires a 2019 3rd Round Draft Selection, a 2020 4th Round Draft Selection and HB C.J. Anderson (OVR: 90)

cj anderson

2018 Season Stats: 98 Att, 248 Yards, 2.5 YPA

Breakdown: ??? This deal is essentially a 3rd and 4th for Hill as Anderson was immediately cut by the Bengals and re-acquired by the Broncos. But why? A scheme fit was given as reasoning in the follow up press conference, and salary cap relief for the Bucs as well. Is Hill that much more valuable than Anderson? Very interesting.

Buccaneers Grade: C

Bengals Grade: C+


  • Chicago acquires 2019 2nd (via/DET) and 4th Round Draft Selections
  • New York (A) acquires CB Kyle Fuller (OVR: 84)

k fuller

2018 Season Stats: 53 Tkls, 5 TFLs, 5 INTs, 8 Defl, 2 TDs

Breakdown: ANOTHER DB TRADE ALERT. This one is more palatable. Fuller is talented, and the Jets are starving for secondary assistance. Detroit’s second could be very low in the round though, as the Lions have been on fire.

Bears Grade: B-

Jets Grade: B


  • Los Angeles (N) acquires WR Will Fuller V (OVR: 79) and WR Braxton Miller (OVR: 74)

w fuller

2018 Season Stats: 69 Rec, 1248 Yards, 18.1 YPR, 11 TDs
2018 Pro Bowl Selection

b miller

2018 Season Stats: 38 Rec, 574 Yards, 15.1 YPR, 5 TDs
  • Houston acquires WR Sammy Watkins (OVR: 89) and WR Josh Reynolds (OVR: 72)

s watkins

2018 Season Stats: 75 Rec, 1457 Yards, 19.4 YPR, 15 TDs
2018 Pro Bowl Selection

j reynolds

2018 Season Stats: None

Breakdown: An interesting same position swap. Both teams seem to going for scheme fit here. The talent and age advantage goes to the Texans.

Rams Grade: C+

Texans Grade: B


  • Kansas City acquires CB P.J. Williams (OVR: 82) and TE Coby Fleener (OVR: 84)

pj williams

2018 Season Stats: 74 Tkls, 1 TFL, 4 INTs, 4 Defl, 1 FR, 1 TD

c fleener

2018 Season Stats: 23 Rec, 326 Yards, 14.2 YPR, 1 TD
  • New Orleans acquires WR Tyreeke Hill (OVR: 86)

t hill

2018 Season Stats: 56 Rec, 736 Yards, 13.1 YPR, 9 TDs, 1 KR TD

Breakdown: A late, deadline deal. Maybe the Chiefs will run exclusively 3 TEs next season, because they are now loaded there. The prize though is Hill. The burner goes to an advantageous situation. Although the Saints have struggled, Hill will be a weapon in the NFC South.

Chiefs Grade: B-

Saints Grade: B+

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