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helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Oakland Raiders

2017 Finish – 1st 8-8 4th Seed Lost in Wild Card Round

Team Owner: iexploitD


The Oakland offense can be prolific at times, and there multiple front defense is an advantage that most teams can’t play. iexploitD is excellent when he has a big play run game to go with his stud outside receivers and strong armed quarterback. Don’t expect to see the Raiders go 8-8 again.


KOsemele LG Kelechi Osemel #70

OVR: 92, Age: 29, 2 Sacks

DCarr QB Derek Carr #4

OVR: 91, Age: 27, 259/409 63%, 3761 Yds, 28 TD/29 INT

ACooper WR Amari Cooper #89

OVR: 90, Age: 24, 59 Rec, 1118 Yds, 7 TDs


KMack LOLB Khalil Mack #52

OVR: 99, Age: 27, 66 Tkls, 10.5 Sacks, 17 TFLs

AlSmith ROLB Aldon Smith #99

OVR: 88, Age: 28, 82 Tkls, 3.5 Sacks, 14 TFLs

SeanSmith CB Sean Smith #21

OVR: 87, Age: 31, 61 Tkls, 7 INTs, 4 TFLs


BAllen RT Bryant Allen, OVR: 79, 1st Round, 25th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

There’s a lot of talent over there in Oakland. How they only went 8-8 is a mystery to me. What’s up with the West?

Prediction – 2nd, AFC #6 Seed, Loss in Wild Card Round

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Los Angeles Chargers

2017 Finish – 2nd 8-8



After starting 2-6, a Quarterback change and a new philosophy had the Chargers at 8-8 to end the season, and one game out of the playoffs. An offseason of high end trades has made Los Angeles a win now team. Will MICHAEL PLUTH loosen the reigns on his offense, or will his style remain the same? Bend-but-don’t-break offense and elite defense. That is a successful regular season recipe, but what about the playoffs?


DBrees QB Drew Brees #9

OVR: 94, Age: 39, w/NO 273/390 70%, 4470 Yds, 43 TD/18 INT

KAllen WR Keenan Allen #13

OVR: 92, Age: 26, 37 Rec, 601 Yds, 2 TDs

MGordon HB Melvin Gordon #28

OVR: 92, Age: 25, 194 Att, 864 Yds, 9 TDs


JBosa LE Joey Bosa #99

OVR: 94, Age: 23, 91 Tkls, 24.0 Sacks, 21 TFLs

EThomasIII FS Earl Thomas III #25

OVR: 93, Age: 29, w/SEA 87 Tkls, 9 INTs, 2 TFLs

MIngram RE Melvin Ingram #54

OVR: 91, Age: 29, 58 Tkls, 14.5 Sacks, 16 TFLs


DWroten CB Devan Wroten, OVR: 70, 6th Round, 9th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

Don’t know what the GM is doing in San Diego but he needs to get it together if he wants to compete with the division leaders. A strong defense but mediocre offense will continue the be the Achilles heel of this team unless addressed in the off season or draft

Prediction – 1st, AFC #4 Seed, Loss in Divisional Round

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Kansas City Chiefs

2017 Finish – 3rd 5-11

Team Owner: The Phenomenal One


The Chiefs made tremendous strides last season. The front end of the schedule was a turnover fest, but towards the end of the season, a light could be seen. If The Phenominal One can take another step as big as the last, I could see him and the talented Kansas City roster challenging for the playoffs in 2020.


TKelce TE Travis Kelce #87

OVR: 99, Age: 28, 65 Rec, 738 Yds, 3 TDs

DPitta TE Dennis Pitta #86

OVR: 86, Age: 33

SWare HB Spencer Ware #32

OVR: 85, Age: 26, 154 Att, 582 Yds, 3 TDs


EBerry SS Eric Berry #29

OVR: 95, Age: 29, 99 Tkls, 4 INTs, 7 TFLs

JHouston LOLB Justin Houston #50

OVR: 94, Age: 29, 87 Tkls, 18.0 Sacks, 15 TFLs

MPeters CB Marcus Peters #22

OVR: 91, Age: 25, 50 Tkls, 2 INTs, 2 TFLs


ECHurch LE Eugene Church, OVR: 80, 1st Round, 16th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

If the Chiefs were food, they’d be pork butts. There’s a floor to pork butts. They’re hard to screw up. You know they’re going to be good on some level, but you need a good rub or even a good barbecue sauce after it’s cooked to spice it up a little. Andy Reid is slow and steady just like that 9-pound pork butt they’ve been smoking all night in the Arrowhead parking lot

Prediction – 4th, Misses Playoffs

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Denver Broncos

2017 Finish – 4th 3-13

Team Owner: chaps


The Broncos were a dumpster fire last season. Mismanaged, then an ownership change midseason caused some chaos. chaps came in as a new owner and attempted to right then ship. Although the game play was a struggle at times, Denver was able to make chicken salad out of the chicken s#!% that was their draft. Another rough season is ahead for chaps and the Broncos, but all they have to do is look to the Chiefs and some other new owners for inspiration.


DeThomas WR Demaryius Thomas #88

OVR: 90, Age: 30, 30 Rec, 535 Yds, 1 TD

ESanders WR Emmanuel Sanders #10

OVR: 89, Age: 31, 62 Rec, 1088 Yds, 7 TDs

MParadis C Matt Paradis #61

OVR: 87, Age: 28, 1 Sack Allowed


VMiller LOLB Von Miller #58

OVR: 99, Age: 29, 90 Tkls, 15.0 Sacks, 19 TFLs

CHarrisJR CB Chris Harris Jr. #25

OVR: 96, Age: 29, 65 Tkls, 4 INTs, 4 TFLs

ATalib CB Aqib Talib #21

OVR: 94, Age: 32, 51 Tkls, 4 INTs, 1 TFL


JWindsor CB Julian Windsor, OVR: 82, 1st Round, 14th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

Old. Good, but old. The Broncos better do some winning soon, cuz they’re gonna be dropping players the next few years, to free agency or to death from old age.

Prediction – 3rd, Misses Playoffs


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