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helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Tennessee Titans

2017 Finish – 1st 14-2 #1 Seed SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS

Team Owner: ChandlerW


The Defending Super Champs. ‘Nuff said. Buckle your chin strap when you play Chandler and the Titans, the ball will be run. In any and every situation. But he’s no one trick pony. Very effective as a user on defense, Tennessee will again challenge for the Sim Association Championship in 2018.


DWalker TE Delanie Walker #82

OVR: 93, Age: 34, 37 Rec, 492 Yds, 6 TDs

DeMurray HB DeMarco Murray #29

OVR: 93, Age: 30, 207 Att, 1292 Yds, 11 TDs

TLewan LT Taylor Lewan #77

OVR: 91, Age: 27, 6 Sacks Allowed


JCasey RE Jurrell Casey #99

OVR: 89, Age: 28, 32 Tkls, 7.0 Sacks, 2 TFLs

LRyan CB Logan Ryan #26

OVR: 89, Age: 27, 42 Tkls, 5 INTs, 2 TFLs

JCyprien SS Johnathan Cyprien #37

OVR: 86, Age: 28, 55 Tkls, 6 INTs, 4 TFLs


AJHitchens WR A.J. Hitchens, OVR: 78, 1st Round, 32 Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

Titans, defending champs. Aggressive on offense and a solid defense. No reason they shouldn’t be the favorite

Prediction – 1st, AFC #1 Seed, Loss in AFC Championship

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Indianapolis Colts

2017 Finish – 2nd 10-6 #6 Seed Lost in Wild Card Round

Team Owner: Blackhawk375


The Colts were another surprise team in the 2017 season. Left with a roster in shambles, and holding on to Andrew Luck after flirting with trading him, Blackhawk375 put together a solid season and made the playoffs. After a mini-rebuild and good draft, the road will be tough to get back to the dance, but Indianapolis’ man-to-man style may enable another surprise result.


ALuck QB Andrew Luck #12

OVR: 92, Age: 28, 271/441 61%, 4112 Yds, 25 TD/23 INT

JMewhort LG Jack Mewhort #75

OVR: 86, Age: 26, 5 Sacks Allowed

ACastonzo LT Anthony Castonzo #74

OVR: 85, Age: 30, 11 Sacks Allowed


CGeathers SS Clayton Geathers #26

OVR: 84, Age: 26, 85 Tkls, 8 INTs, 4 TFLs

JHankins DT Johnathan Hankins #95

OVR: 83, Age: 26, 52 Tkls, 7.5 Sacks, 6 TFLs

Jsheard LOLB Jabaal Sheard #93

OVR: 82, Age: 29, 54 Tkls, 14.5 Sacks, 12 TFLs


RRandall CB Ray Randall, OVR: 79, 1st Round, 19th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

The Colts didn’t have an amazing roster last season but they made it work. They are just a few players away from being a serious contender not only in the division but in the conference. A lot of defensive players stepped up big for them in the past season. If they can keep it up as they improve the offense in the run and the run defense a bit, they can make a run in a season or two

Prediction – 3rd, Misses Playoffs

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Houston Texans

2017 Finish – 3rd 8-8

Team Owner: BenTheGreat


Set at Quarterback for probably the entire cycle, the Texans look to bounce back from an up and down opening showing in the Sim Association. BenTheGreat is great when he plays. Hopefully his team will not have too many CPU controlled games in 2018 because Houston can make a nice playoff push, and even a run in the playoffs.


DeHopkins WR DeAndre Hopkins #10

OVR: 95, Age: 26, 66 Rec, 1402 Yds, 12 TDs

LMiller HB Lamar Miller #26

OVR: 90, Age: 27, 69 Att, 292 Yds, 2 TDs

CJFiedorwicz TE C.J. Fiedorowicz #87

OVR: 87, Age: 26, 38 Rec, 516 Yds, 3 TDs


JJWatt LE J.J. Watt #99

OVR: 99, Age: 29, 75 Tkls, 15.0 Sacks, 10 TFLs

JClowney LOLB Jadeveon Clowney #90

OVR: 90, Age: 25, 4 TKLs, 1.0 Sacks

WMercilus ROLB Whitney Mercilus #59

OVR: 90, Age: 28, 78 Tkls, 22.0 Sacks, 13 TFLs


CBishop SS Cameron Bishop, OVR: 72, 3rd Round, 14th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

The Texans now have a potent offense to go with that ferocious defense.  If they can stay healthy, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them challenge the Titans for the division.

Prediction – 2nd, Misses Playoffs

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Jacksonville Jaguars

2017 Finish – 4th 5-11

Team Owner: Joshua Keating


Another new owner, Joshua Keating may have inherited, and now built the most terrifying defense in the Sim Association. It is not the best now, but it may be soon. How will that translate to game play? We will soon find out. The first season may be chalked up to poor quarterback play after Jimmy G went out. The offense will need to improve to be competitive, and the Jaguars have extra incentive to win…the Lions (aka 3 Time Cycle 17 Champ, BlackPaw) own their 1st round draft selection in 2019.


AlRobinson WR Allen Robinson #15

OVR: 91, Age: 25, 48 Rec, 878 Yds, 3 TDs

LFournette HB Leonard Fournette #27

OVR: 88, Age: 23, 183 Att, 732 Yds, 3 TDs

EEbronTE Eric Ebron #85

OVR: 88, Age: 25, w/DET 38 Rec, 580 Yds, 5 TDs 


CCampbell RE Calais Campbell #93

OVR: 92, Age: 32, 71 Tkls, 15.5 Sacks, 17 TFLs

AJBouye CB A.J. Bouye #21

OVR: 90, Age: 27, 56 Tkls, 3 INTs, 6 TFLs

JRamsey CB Jalen Ramsey #20

OVR: 89, Age: 23, 34 Tkls, 2 INTs, 1 TFL


CMurray C Cole Murray, OVR: 81, 2nd Round, 5th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment
Their record didn’t reflect it last season but the Jaguars won’t be bad long, in fact I expect them to be making a playoff push. Injuries plagued them this past season and I expect them to be in the battle for the AFC South.
A good draft period will help them as they have pieces already in place. They just need to find the scheme to get them going in the right direction.
Defensively they have playmakers everywhere, they just need to be put in a position to succeed and they’ll be ok.
They’ll have to make plays on the field not just off the field.
Prediction – 4th, Misses Playoffs


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