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helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Philadelphia Eagles

2017 Finish – 1st 15-1 Lost in NFC Championship

Team Owner: Dap


The Eagles look to dominate again this season, with a strong run game, and devastating pass rush. Dap is great on the sticks, and that shouldn’t change for the 2018 season. High powered run offense, dominant defense…a recipe for success.


ZErtz TE Zach Ertz #86

OVR: 91, Age: 27, 17 Rec, 322 Yds, 3 TDs

Lane Johnson RT Lane Johnson #65

OVR: 91, Age: 28, 14 Sacks Allowed

jefrey WR Alshon Jeffrey #17

OVR: 90, Age: 28, 39 Rec, 935 Yds, 7 TDs


BGraham LE Brandon Graham #55

OVR: 96, Age: 30, 69 Tkls, 24.5 Sacks, 22 TFLs

FCox DT Fletcher Cox #91

OVR: 96, Age: 27, 92 Tkls, 9.5 Sacks, 25 TFLs

NBradham LOLB Nigel Bradham #53

OVR: 89, Age: 28, 51 Tkls, 3.0 Sacks, 2 INTs


CB David Vinnett, OVR: 69, 7th Round, 30th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

Eagles will be running a Flexbone offense. Their backfield is loaded with talent. Expect another explosive offensive season. Defense should be able to pick up where they left of and build from there. No majors losses and the added some decent depth. I’m sure they are eager to get that bitter defeat out of their system after a stellar regular season

Prediction – 1st, NFC #2 Seed, Loss in NFC Championship

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Dallas Cowboys

2017 Finish – 2nd 12-4 #5 Seed Lost in NFC Divisional Round

Team Owner: abombish39


The Cowboys look to keep their 2017 success rolling. The highest rated team in the Sim Association, piloted by abombish, Dallas’ devastating run game is buoyed by an aggressive playaction attack. Stars are the name of the Cowboys game, but some are aging.


ZMartin RG Zack Martin #70

OVR: 98, Age: 27, 4 Sacks Allowed

JGraham TE Jimmy Graham #89

OVR: 97, Age: 31, w/SEA 35 Rec, 611 Yds, 5 TDs

EElliott HB Ezekiel Elliott #21

OVR: 97, Age: 23, 384 Att, 1899 Yds, 23 TDs



MButler CB Malcolm Butler #22

OVR: 95, Age: 28, 72 Tkls, 7 INTs, 4 TFLs

ZLee ROLB Sean Lee #50

OVR: 91, Age: 32, 71 Tkls, 3.0 Sacks, 8 TFLs

NBowman MLB NaVorro Bowman #58

OVR: 88, Age: 30, 100 Tkls, 4.0 Sacks, 8 INTs


LG Bryant Richardson, OVR: 77, 2nd Round, 18th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

The Cowboys are one of the best teams in the NFC east. Not only is their roster loaded from top to bottom, but they also have a great user. Even on an off day this team can compete with the best of them. From start to finish the games I’ve played against this team have always felt fantastic. No matter winning or losing we both know it can change in a second with how well our two teams know each other. It’s been a pleasure to enjoy two games against the cowboys every season

Prediction – 3rd, Misses Playoffs

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1New York Giants

2017 Finish – 3rd 10-6 

Team Owner: IVIontieth


The Giants are led my one of the most aggressive owners in the Sim Association. IVIontieth plays a mean MLB, but on offense is where the damage comes. Bell, Beckham and others enable chances to be taken. New York will be a force in the NFC this season.


LBell HB Le’Veon Bell #25

OVR: 99, Age: 26, 302 Att, 1502 Yds, 13 TDs

OBeckhamJr WR Odell Beckham Jr. #13

OVR: 98, Age: 25, 73 Rec, 1035 Yds, 6 TDs

WRichburg C Weston Richburg #70

OVR: 88, Age: 27, 1 Sack Allowed


LCollins SS Landon Collins #21

OVR: 96, Age: 24, 87 Tkls, 2.0 Sacks, 3 INTs

OVernon LE Olivier Vernon #54

OVR: 91, Age: 27, 58 Tkls, 9.0 Sacks, 13 TFLs

DHarrison DT Damon Harrison #98

OVR: 91, Age: 29, 60 Tkls, 4.0 Sacks, 16 TFls


LE Frank Blair, OVR: 70, 6th Round, 20th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

The Giants are tough with dancing Odell, but we want the Division again …and we’re claiming it

Prediction – 2nd, #6 Seed, Loss in Wild Card Round

helmets 3_clipped_rev_1Washington Redskins

2017 Finish – 4th 6-10

Team Owner: Ataric


Ataric comes in to the 2018 season with something to prove. Jordan Reed is the go to man on offense, and the run game is strong, but can the defense help the Redskins get out of the NFC East cellar, and contend? Washington will fight for a playoff spot, but they may fall short.


JReed TE Jordan Reed #86

OVR: 99, Age: 28, 55 Rec, 986 Yds, 6 TDs

TrWilliams LT Trent Williams #71

OVR: 96, Age: 30, 7 Sacks Allowed

BScherff RG Brandon Scherff #75

OVR: 87, Age: 26, 7 Sacks Allowed


JoNorman CB Josh Norman #24

OVR: 92, Age: 30, 56 Tkls, 3 INTs, 5 TFLs

RKerrigan LOLB Ryan Kerrigan #91

OVR: 88, Age: 30, 65 Tkls, 8.5 Sacks, 13 TFLs

ZaBrown MLB Zach Brown #53

OVR: 88, Age: 28, 122 Tkls, 3 INTs, 22 TFLs


LG Allen Pociask, OVR: 82, 1st Round, 10th Pick

Opposing Coach Comment

This team has the potential to be beasts in the NFC East.  If you are looking for a sleeper the ‘Skins are it

Prediction – 4th, Misses Playoffs


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