One on One with Donnel Pumphrey

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Authored by PFT Conscience

Fisrt off, full disclosure. I’m a San Diego State University alumnus, so I will be biased. Let’s get into it.

We need a nickname for you and LeGarrett Blount, anything popping up in the Eagles locker room?

DP – The call me Lil JM and him Big Blount. As far as a backfield tandem name, nothing yet.

PFT – Lil JM?

DP – Juke Master

PFT – I’d say 176 is a generous assessment of your weight. How has the NFL pounding taken it’s toll on you so far this season? Has it at all?

DP – I took a big shot against Dallas, but other than that, you can’t hit what you can’t see. So it hasn’t been too bad, and coach limits my carries.

PFT – I have you as the MVP leader, but others in the media say “show me more”. What do you say to them?

DP – It’s a team sport. I have teammates out there who help me look good. The goal is Super Bowl, not MVP. If I do what I need to do, accolades will follow.

PFT – Is Carson Wentz elite?

DP – I see amazing things in Carson. He is an elite leader in the locker room and on the field.

PFT – Music choice before games?

DP – I have an old soul as far as music. I like a lot of 2000’s Hip Hop. Mainly West Coast and Down South artists, but I like Hip Hop.

PFT – Favorite part of your game…speed or juke?

DP – My game I like the most? It has to do with anticipation. Knowing when to juke or use my speed.

PFT – Last one, toughest opponent so far, and why?

DP – The Cardinals. They have the best defense we’ve run across.

PFT – Last last one…Can you go 16-0? No coach speak. Truth speak.

DP – We can go 16-0


There you have it. Donnel Pumphrey. The NFL’s newest young star.pumphrey


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